The joys of moscato

Definitely not new to the scene, it is thought that Moscato actually has a rather royal history. It is rumored to have been enjoyed back in ancient Egypt with King Midas. Although there isn’t proof it being appreciated until writings from English Franciscan scholar Bartholomeus Anglicus written between 1230 to 1240.

Typically one of the sweetest before dessert wine, moscato, like many red wines, can also be very rich with flavonoids giving the wine high a antioxidant count making it just that little bit healthy. Good news right!This particular Moscato is visually beautiful, slightly effervescent and a delight on the palate with subtle rose notes and just a hint of Turkish delight.

While it may be a little too sweet for some it is the perfect wine to accompany your next visit to Biviano’s. Next time you dine, enjoy the Tomich Aim For The Stars Moscato.